Sharing Ministries Food Bank (Montrose, Colorado)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Qualifies For Our Services?
Anyone who meets National Poverty Level Standards will qualify. We also serve any non-profit 501(c)3 organization that serves children and seniors. The food boxes are based on size of family and you may return to the Food Bank once per month for food assistance as long as needed. No appointments necessary.
What Will I Receive In My Box?
Sharing Ministries Food Bank is a Supplemental Food Program only. This means that families will receive assistance with approximately enough food for 3 meals per day for 3 days. This will include canned goods, pasta, fresh produce, meat, dairy and baked goods. Each month will vary depending on availability.
Where Does The Food Come From?
Sharing Ministries Food Bank purchases food from Food Bank of the Rockies monthly. We also receive food from various supermarkets, businesses, farmers, ranchers, bakeries, food drives, individual donors, etc.
Do You Take Donations?
Yes!  We are happy to take donations including financial contributions. We are able to purchase food in bulk through Food Bank of the Rockies at a much lower cost than an individual can purchase through any store.
We also take donations of livestock and have them processed through a USDA approved processing plant. Fresh in season produce from farmers and gardeners is very much appreciated.
Do You Take Pet Food Donations?
Absolutely! Many families that need assistance have pets to provide for also.
Donations We Do Not Accept:
  • Home Canned Goods
  • Home Processed Meat
  • Open or Used Cans, Jars, and packages
  • Liquor or Beer
  • Sharing Ministries, Inc.
    49 North 1st Street
    Montrose, CO 81401
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    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    9:30am to 12:30pm
    9:00am to 11:00am

    9:00am to 11:30am

    CSFP (Seniors 60+ Only)
    First 3 Thursdays of each month
    Noon to 2:00pm

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