Sharing Ministries Food Bank (Montrose, Colorado)

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Street Dance Thanks!





Thank you to everyone who came to have fun and support Sharing Ministries Food Bank at our first Annual Street Dance.  All proceeds will help purchase food for many families in need.


We are excited to tell you that the event was a success and a lot of fun!  As you will see in some of our photos, we had great music, dancing, food, and entertainment.


A Very Special Thank You goes out to all of our extremely generous sponsors!  This would not have been possible without the generosity of the following:


The Stupid Band                         Rusty Mountain Society  - Doug Kolz 

2 Rascals Brewery                      Ace Hardware

Colorado Boy                              Horsefly Brewing Co.

Taylor Quality Livestock             Kinikin Processing

Hog Rock BBQ                           Ah Chihuahua Restaurant

England Fence                           Riddled Raven - Jamie Berndt

Elks Club                                    St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Rocky Mountain Ice                    Kerry Mattics

20 Sleeps West                          Telluride Express – James Crawford

Dance Around Studios               Alpine Bank

Montrose Printing Center           Montrose Daily Press

Park Avenue Parties                  Montrose Mirror

Sunny 103                                  Sani Serv

City of Montrose                         Pepsi

City Market                                 Producers Co-op


An event of this size takes many hours, talents, tools, and wonderful volunteers!  So our thanks go out to the following people that took time out of their busy schedules to help us make the Street Dance a success!


Tom Vogenthaler                      Norm & Lexie Stevenson         Tim Cox

Brian Frush                               Steve Okeson                          Janelle Hawk

Bill McCurdy                             Thaddeus Wood                       Ron Corley

Andrea Hoover                         Debra & Keith Twehous           Tom Garner

Bill & Barbara Bond                  Debra Ferris                             Julie Vergari

Michelle Amiott                         Juli Messenger                         Jessica Estle

Jean Clark                                Conni Rogers                            Lynn Carretta

Sheila Miller                             Jodi Wainwright                         Keith Kishbaugh

Chris, Sophia, & Rem Doyal    Jennifer & Bob Dawson            Don & Nancy Falline

Nancy Berge                            Whitney Moore                          Marilyn Westerdahl

Jennifer Fletcher                      Jennifer & Darrin McPhail         Joe & Karen Slattery

David & Margaret Goodhue     Josh Freed                                Dominick LaJoy

Deb Cooling & Ashton Davis    Ellie                                          Jan & Andy Goldman

Shepherd’s Hand                     Tom & Kathy Heffernan            Angela & Brian

Becky Matthews


If you were able to join in the fun…….Thank You!  If you were unable to attend this year, join us next year for a great time.  Celebrating 17 years in our community and making a difference in the lives of people in need.  

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